David Suzuki 30 in 30 Outdoor Challenge
Although technically spring has been here since March 21st, spring-like weather has been more elusive. And many of us have used that as an excuse to stay indoors. Well no more! The David Suzuki Foundation has issued an intriguing challenge: Can you spend 30 minutes in nature each day for 30 days, starting on May 1, 2013?

What are the benefits of spending time in nature? Delighting your senses by breathing fresh air, feeling the sunshine, smelling the scents of trees, grass, flowers & wind, hear the sounds of birds and animals for starters! Also awareness of our surroundings and community building are two more important reasons to spend time outdoors; taking stock of our surroundings, noticing just how long the days have gotten, feeling joy from watching people around us, getting to know our neighbours and taking part in our community. Why NOT spend more time outdoors!

So how do you get your 30 in 30? Take a walk with colleagues at lunchtime, or take your lunch outside, bring a snack to school pick-up and eat on the playground with your kids, mow the lawn, enjoy happy hour on your front steps with the neighbors, play street hockey with the kids. And I’m sure you all have many, many more ideas!

To make it a little more interesting there is a photo contest and prizes to be won thru participation! They say it takes 21 days to build a habit; is time outdoors a habit you want to start with your family? You can get more information on joining the challenge at 30×30.davidsuzuki.org/