baby with breast pump

It seems breastfeeding and formula controversies are never far from the news. Today an article in the Globe and Mail reported on a New York City initiative “Latch on NYC” which wants to help promote breastfeeding by stopping distribution of formula samples and literature in hospitals. This is being met with praise from La Leche League and other pro breastfeeding groups but with suspicion from others who fear that women will be bullied into breastfeeding.

At home in Canada, according to a 2009 study (published in the journal Birth) 90% of Canadian mothers have the intention to breastfeed their newborn baby. At 6 months, only 14% of mothers are still nursing exclusively. How much of this has to do with our lifestyles and how much has to do free formula in hospitals is not clear.

As with any parenting choice, breastfeeding remains charged with controversy, many opposing opinions and much mommy guilt. How do you feel about campaigns such as this that would promote breastfeeding?