I cried when I read this.

When I was pregnant, a million different morbid scenarios of me dying, my husband dying, everyone dying occupied my waking hours and tormented my dreams.

For Renee Noble it was a stark, dark horrifying reality. She was pregnant with Violet when she found out she had cancer. She lived only one month after she gave birth. It was her wish for her daughter to be breastfed and with this blog her wish came true.
Now I have very mixed feelings about breast milk banking. I wonder how they can be monitored, how the milk can be collected and stored hygienically, what the donor mom has been eating, has she been taking any drugs, is it ultimately safe?

I also have admiration for women who are willing to share. I had enough for my babies and not an ounce more. Pumping was painful, often fruitless and even when I was successful, the little buggers refused it because neither of them would take a bottle. I know how aggravating pumping can be so to give up the results of that much work deserved applause!

What do you think of breastmilk banking/sharing? Should it be community based? Should private milk banks operate? Should the government (which level?) open a milk bank?