Balloons, Cake, Presents . . . and the Idea Guide to an Unforgettable Birthday Party

Birthday Party Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

Birthday parties are a highlight for kids, but they can be a lot of work for the parents! Between sorting out food and presents, it can be a challenge to come up with fun ideas your kids will love for a memorable birthday party. But you also want something that won’t stress you out. We’ve put together this guide of parties kids love to help inspire you and make your life just a bit easier.

My Gym Birthday (Family Fun Calgary)

My Gym Birthday Parties

As a mom or dad, how do you focus on the moments that matter? The daily grind requires so much of parents, and when birthday party time rolls around, you can get bogged down in the details of planning how to celebrate your child. But you don’t have to stress over the fun and excitement of the day because, with My Gym Birthday Parties, you get to relax and savour the moments of joy during your child’s party!

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Gamers Fun Truck (Family Fun Calgary)

Gamers Fun Truck Birthday Parties

Do you know those kids who are just passionate about video games? Well, give them a birthday party they’ll never forget! The Gamers Fun Truck Mobile Video Game Party brings you the ultimate gaming birthday! Discover the joy of letting your child have their party AT your house, but not IN your house. You can join the fun or enjoy a couple hours of peace while your kids enjoy the best birthday party they’ve had.

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Butterfield Acres (Family Fun Calgary)

Birthday Parties with Butterfield Acres

Have a little animal-lover in your life? Consider a Butterfield Acres Farm Birthday Party to celebrate their special day! Plan for the future with their traditional birthdays OR check out these unique COVID-crisis friendly options.

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Plan for birthdays after the COVID crisis, with the rest of the guide.

Trico Centre (Family Fun Calgary)Trico Centre Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are magical, aren’t they? Decorations, treats, and fun times with friends make them a highlight for kids of all ages. But birthday parties are a lot of work for Mom and Dad! That’s where Trico Centre for Family Wellness comes in! Birthday parties at Trico Centre are naturally fun for the kids and provide a great place for parents to host an easy party. Plus, they have mermaid parties. Read more about it here.


Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics (Family Fun Calgary)

Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics Birthday Parties

To have a truly successful birthday party, two outcomes need to be accomplished. Firstly, you want your kids to have a wonderful time. But you also want to make it easy on yourself! If your kids love to jump on the beds, cartwheel down the halls, and balance on the railings, Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics has the party you need! Plan a gymnastics-themed birthday bash where the kids can build skills, burn energy, and have a blast, without any stress on your part. Check the article for a discount code! Read more about it here.


Flying Squirrel (Family Fun Calgary)

Flying Squirrel Birthday Parties

Kids (of all ages!) love to bounce and play; what kid doesn’t get excited at the sight of trampolines?! That’s why you need the Flying Squirrel for your next birthday party. With two locations, in north and south Calgary, Flying Squirrel is the World’s Largest Indoor Trampoline Park, a spring-loaded urban playground with a wide range of attractions. They have 44,000 square feet with wall-to-wall trampolines and the ultimate birthday party experience: the kids will literally be bouncing off the walls! Read more about it here.


Canada's Sports Hall of Fame Birthday (Family Fun Calgary)

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame Birthday Parties

Birthday parties at Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame invite kids to celebrate their special day surrounded by Canada’s greatest sporting legends. Dozens of interactive and hands-on experiences allow kids to test their skills and have fun while enjoying Canada’s sporting traditions and artefacts, video, and photo collections. The birthday child and friends can shadow box and block goalie shots at the interactive stations, or even fly through the air like a ski jumper! Read more about it here.


Calgary Farmyard (Family Fun Calgary)

Calgary Farmyard (Home of Calgary Corn Maze) Birthday Parties

When the weather turns cool and the leaves change colour, people think of heading to the local corn maze. But did you know that the Calgary Farmyard (Home of the Calgary Corn Maze) is far more than just a corn maze? It offers animals, games, and terrific family activities all summer long, making it a brilliant destination for your birthday parties! Read more about it here.


Big Fun Play Centre (Family Fun Calgary)

Big Fun Play Centre

Make your child’s party easy and unforgettable with the ultimate location for creating birthday party memories that will last forever, at the Big Fun Play Centre! The Big Fun Play Centre considers what the kids want in a birthday party: friends, fun, and food. But they also consider what parents want in a party. They want their kids to have a wonderful time, in a safe environment, with a minimum amount of stress. Consider it done at Big Fun Play Centre! Read more about it here.

Gymnastics (Family Fun Calgary)

Altadore Gymnastics Club Birthday Parties

Friends and cake, games and gymnastics: can you think of a better way to party for your child’s next birthday? Altadore Gymnastics Club, with their large facility in southeast Calgary, has everything you need for a wonderful, fun-filled day that your child and their friends will love. Kids of any age will have a blast with their friends at a gymnastics-themed party. The best part for the parents is how easy it is when all you have to do is bring your own cake and goodies! Read more about it here.


Classified YYC (Family Fun Calgary) Classified YYC Tactical Laser Tag

The room goes dark. Who is around the corner? You can feel someone watching. With a scuffle and a scurry, you burst out, intent on completing your team’s mission. But if you don’t succeed, well, better luck next time. At least you’re having a great time at your Classified YYC Tactical Laser Tag birthday party! Classified YYC is the only laser tag in Calgary that provides you with missions and tactical military experience. Read more about it here.


At the end of the day, most parents just want to give a satisfied sigh and feel like their child enjoyed themselves and felt special on their birthday. But whether the party is large or small, cliched or unique, doesn’t matter as much as creating a space to let your child know how valued and loved they are and that they hold a significant place in your family. Happy birthday!

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