If you’re planning a birthday party for a special child or teen and wondering where to even begin the process, you’ve come to the right place! Calgary offers an enormous number of birthday party options, depending on the age of your child, your budget and your child’s interests, but first, you need to decide on some basic parameters. If your child is lucky enough to celebrate a summer birthday, you have the added option of celebrating outdoors, in your backyard or at a park or campsite. For the rest of the year…

DIY at home is a classic and [potentially] affordable option. A party doesn’t have to be pricey to be fun and memorable; it’s all about celebrating the birthday child and having fun with friends. A home party has the added benefit of allowing the parents to choose what type of food to serve; particularly for very young children, a healthy menu is a nice option. Crafts are a great way to engage kids and give them something special to take home.

For extra help with entertaining kids or achieving a theme at a home party, there are many types of mobile party entertainment: magicians/comedians, reptiles or small animals, spa parties, lego, science, crafting, bouncy houses, and fantasy character visits. Consider visits from Bricks 4 Kidz, Mad Science or Enchanted Parties.

Lots of parents choose to outsource their child’s party to a different venue and for good reason! While ‘venue’ parties can be more expensive, they keep the mess out of your house and can reduce the amount of preparation and planning you need to do. Especially for larger groups, and activities that are messy or require a lot of space, this can be well worth it. Again there’s a party for nearly any interest, including movies, sports (bowling, skating, swimming, gymnastics, martial arts, climbing, dance, yoga…), cooking classes, spa visits, ecology, art, farm visits, and indoor play structures.

Most venue parties include the main activity and a dedicated area and time for food and cake, which may be provided by the venue or brought in by the family. We’ve loved parties held at 5 Elements Martial Arts, Bow Habitat Station and President’s Choice Cooking School at Real Canadian Superstore.

Cutting the cake with a samurai sword at 5 Elements Martial Arts.

Don’t let birthday party planning stress you out. Remember, it’s all about making your child feel special and loved, letting them have some fun with their friends and blowing out those ever-increasing candles! Check out our birthday parties pages for lots more ideas and event companies’  contact info. Happy planning and happy birthday to your child!