Fun on the Farm in Calgary!

Fun on the Farm (Family Fun Calgary)

I grew up in the country, but have lived in cities my whole adult life. My kids, on the other hand, are born and bred city kids. One time, we went to a corn maze and one of my children (who will remain nameless to protect the ridiculous) exclaimed, “I didn’t realize it was actually corn!” Sweet mercy. But whether your kids are country kids or city kids, we have a list of places your family can get outside and experience fun on the farm. And just maybe, learn something new.

Butterfield Acres (Family Fun Calgary)

Butterfield Acres

Butterfield Acres is Calgary’s home for fun on the farm. Right on the NW edge of the city, it’s easy to experience a taste of farm animal life from spring to fall. Come for a visit during the drop-in times (the animals can be visited every day from April to September), book a summer camp or a birthday party, or check out one of the special events that happen every year. There’s so much to do at Butterfield Acres, especially if your children love animals! Read more about it here.

Calgary Corn Maze (Family Fun Calgary) Calgary Corn Maze and Fun Farm

The Calgary Corn Maze and Fun Farm is one of Alberta’s favourite destinations for agri-fun. Founded in 2008, it offers city kids fun-filled adventures on the farm, only a short drive away. With many engaging activities, there’s enough going on to keep the whole family interested, and perhaps more importantly, offers enough space for kids to burn some of their remarkable energy. The best formula for great family time is family + fun + tired, happy kids that fall into bed at night! Read more about it here.


No matter the day, no matter the farm, the most important part is spending time with your family. From getting lost in the corn mazes to gently petting the softest bunny, you’ll be enjoying the fresh air and making the most of the moments you have.

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