November 2015

The Good Dinosaur, Disney • Pixar’s latest animated kids’ flick opens in theatres on November 25th and we were lucky to enjoy a sneak peek. Here’s what our family (Mom, Dad, kids aged 8 and 6) thought!

Beautiful. This movie is beautiful with a capital B! The animation is perfectly done, but more than that, the scenery, backdrops and the natural environment the artists have created are truly stunning. There was a rocky pool that I longed to dive into… you’ll see what I mean when you get there. We saw the movie in 3D, which wasn’t over the top popping out at us, but definitely enhanced the visuals.

Positive messages. I liked the movie’s messages about learning to be the best version of yourself by making the most of your own unique skills and traits, finding your courage, caring for others to the best of your abilities and persevering through tough circumstances.

Intense. The movie was fast paced in parts and contained quite a lot of peril for the main characters. There were also prehistoric ‘bad guys’ who were pretty mean and very dangerous, intense storm sequences and sorrow due to the death of and separation from loved ones. Children under 6 and kids with sensitive personalities may find seeing this on the big screen too much. As always – use your parental judgement.

Funny. There were some really hilarious moments in this movie. I’m sure some went over our kids’ heads, but at no detriment to their experience and we adults appreciated these moments.

If you see The Good Dinosaur, we’d love to hear what you thought about it!