I first saw this about 4 months ago.

It’s like I’ve been living under a rock. I like bacon. I like pancakes. Why didn’t it ever occur to me to marry these two yummy taste sensations?

bacon pancakes on blue platter

I vowed that day to make bacon pancakes but, I must only when camping. Mainly because I have no willpower and would have a heart attack from all the bacon. I need to restrict myself to making these delightful, scumdiddliumptious bacony pancakey bits of goodness only on special occasions.

So I followed Jake the Dog’s simple instructions; I made some bacon then put it in a pancake. Bliss.

If you want to get all fancy-like, you can make your pancakes from scratch like in this recipe from Martha Stewart… But I was camping and therefore lazy and just used a pancake mix. The one in the giant blue bag from that giant warehouse store.

pancakes on coleman

I sliced the bacon strips in half so they fit nicely on my Coleman griddle, then once the bacon was cooked and drained on paper towel, it nestled perfectly in the circles of pancake batter.

closeup of bacon pancakes on griddle

Once the bubbles form, flip those puppies for a few more minutes to cook the other side. Add some syrup and you have a bit of heaven in the woods.

bacon pancakes close up

Makin’ pancakes, makin’ bacon pancakes…

I may never get that song out of my head. And I don’t think I want to…