After 28 years of welcoming guests into their Toronto studio, Cityline and host Tracy Moore take the show on the road and visit Alberta. Their first stop was in Calgary, my hometown, where I got a chance to meet Tracy at the Citytv studio and chat about her favorite things to do with her family.

I asked Tracy what she liked to do with her family on the weekend for fun. This is what she had to say.

Toronto has a real parks culture. People don’t have huge backyards in the city. We spend quite a bit of time at the park on the weekend. We have a double jogging stroller and we jog to the park together. My kids love taking a shovel and pail to the park and digging holes. My son is obsessed with Mighty Machines and everywhere we go becomes an excavation site with his trucks and diggers.
My daughter is more of a loose cannon. She is everywhere in the park and I have to keep an eye on her. She’s climbing up and going down the slide, running in the splash pad.

Tracy and I chatted about travel and of course I had to ask her where she likes to vacation with her kids. She shared about her recent Disney World holiday and cruise on the new Disney Fantasy.

We did the inaugural launch of the Disney Fantasy. We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for two nights before the cruise. There were literally animals roaming around the hotel. The kids loved it. When they woke up in the morning there would be giraffes and water buffalo walking around outside our window.

We’d spend a few hours at the park and when the kids start getting weird we’d pack it in and head back to the resort and they would play in the playground while we got their lunch together. I was happy to see they had healthy food options at the resort and the portions weren’t crazy.

After lunch the kids would go down for a gigantic nap that lasted 2-3 hours and when they got up we spend the afternoons at the resort. They’d go in the splash pad, played at the playground and we’d look at the animals.

When we got on the boat, it just knocked it up to a whole other level. I never thought in a million years my son would want to go and play without us. I also thought to myself, it’s Disney. Why am I going to drop my kid off? We’re supposed to be here together as a family. But then we got there and they have a play area and it’s all kids and you can’t even go in as an adult. They give your child a wristband and they give you a phone so they can text you anytime. He was gone. We got a text maybe two hours later and we were enjoying a drink at the bar. Eva went to the daycare, she loved it. I think what is good about Disney is they make it good for parents and the kids. To this day, at least once a week, my kids ask me when we are going back to see Mickey Mouse.

The special live-on-location in Alberta episodes of Cityline will begin airing the week of July 2nd at 9:00am ET/PT/MT on Citytv.