You could call this the companion piece to my previous blog, The clarity of 3 am…

Its just another one of those nights! This evening, I went to bed early but couldn’t settle down to sleep right away. Then, my son woke up at 12:15 and I couldn’t get back to sleep. After an hour of tossing and turning, I got up and here I am!

Here are my groggy musings. They seem to be pretty sappy, so either I am exhausted or PMSing…

I am disgustingly blessed to have experienced two healthy uneventful pregnancies and easy births. And the resulting two healthy, active children are also a blessing. This is part of the reason I hesitate to have another child – Can I be so lucky again? So much can go wrong; am I brave enough to try again? We shall see. Maybe I should just let tequila answer this little dilemma for me again! 🙂

Helen Sleeping

So angelic looking when they are asleep...

My kids are great. Despite his night waking, her spraying when she pees, their hanging around my feet in the kitchen when I’m trying to get dinner going, the tantrums when he’s hungry, the tantrums when she doesn’t want me to take off her pretty winter boots… I genuinely enjoy watching them grow, and am happy that I am blessed enough to be at home with them. I earned a degree, and it’s not going anywhere, so when the time comes I can get another job and restart a career, but for now I am happy to be just someone’s mom.

My husband is great. He’s supportive, loving, witty, charming, intelligent and cute too! He keeps me from being too much of a stick in the mud, makes me laugh and thinks I am supportive, loving, witty, charming, intelligent and cute too! He’s also a good dad who sees the long term gain is tremendous for the short term pain we experience in raising small children.

I appreciate my parents more since having kids, because I can relate better to their experience.

My mom: I only wish I had a dollar for every time she said one of the following: I hope one day you grow up and have a daughter that acts just like you! And You’ll understand when you have children why I’m doing this!

And although it pains me to admit it, she was right! And I can admit it here because she’s Greek, doesn’t own a computer and would never read this! 🙂

Every time my daughter doesn’t listen to me (is it irrational of me to think that instant compliance is an attainable goal?) I know how she felt when we didn’t listen. Every time I have to wash crayon or marker or ink off furniture and walls I know how she felt when she caught me red handed drawing “the fishies in the ocean” on her walls.

Every time my ridiculously persevering son scrambles up a chair and reaches precariously for the light switch or straddles the back of the sofa in an attempt to grab the drapes, I think of my mother snatching me down from the dresser before I toppled off.

Billy Sleeping

Billy Sleeping. This is what I should be doing...

Ps – she gleefully calls my kids Voula jr. 1 and Voula jr. 2 because they remind her so much of my antics…

And my dad- he often doesn’t get the credit he deserves. He just retired after working hard for us for many years and he was the one that went to bat for us when we drove mom a little too far. The strong silent types are often overlooked in favour of the squeaky wheels but I appreciate him. I appreciate them both for their attributes and forgive them for their perceived failings (as I hope my kids will forgive me mine).

Ok, I am getting ridiculously sappy here so maybe I’ll try to go to bed. Or maybe I will make myself a cup of cocoa and be thankful that I have the best paper boy (paper man?) in the city that always gets here by 2 am!