This summer we enrolled our daughter in a two week science camp, our son in a one week hockey camp, and swimming lessons for both. The rest of the summer is taken up with camping trips, playing with friends and that old fashioned oddity; unscheduled free time to play.

However this week, all the kids on our street vanished for their own vacations and summer camps so I was faced with the 2 words every parent dreads; “I’m bored”

Kids crafts at Michaels

But I had an ace in my sleeve; crafts! I’d seen a pamphlet for kids in-store crafting at Michaels. This summer’s program is called Passport to Imagination and kids get to explore the continents through themed crafts. Today, as part of Asia week, they created an Indonesian Mask and a peacock, in addition to a little googly eyed man made of puffs and pipe cleaners. The program costs just $2 per child, is open to kids aged 5 & up and runs Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 10 am to noon. There are 2 sessions per day (10 am and 11 am) each running for an hour and availability depends on space.

There are still 4 weeks left to enjoy this little break from being the director of fun so check it out!