Cruise on the Disney Wonder

I must be living under a rock because I only just found out that the other day that Disney Cruises will be starting a round trip departure to Alaska from Vancouver on the Disney Wonder in 2013 (they currently offer Vancouver-Alaska-Seattle itinerary) . We like Disney. We like Alaska. So what’s not to like about a Disney Alaskan Cruise? Not. A. Thing.

Maybe I’m romanticizing the whole thing, but I think would be a seriously cool vacation. It would definitely fall into one of our pricier family vacations, but probably would also fall into one of those once in a lifetime memories. It would be easy for us now that we live in Metro Vancouver but even when we lived in Alberta, the west coast was fairly easy to get to either by air or car.


alaska disney cruise

The scenery along the coast is stunning. It was one of my favourite places in the world long before we moved out here. Seeing the fiords, white-capped mountains, spotting whales, seals and bald eagles seriously takes my breath away any time I take the ferry to the island, or drive up the coast. I wonder if it’s the 30-ish years spent as a land-locked Albertan in me that just loves to see the ocean?

We were talking about driving down to Disneyland next year. Maybe we’ll change our plans and let Disney drive us instead!