pink happy face

I started writing a Facebook post today and realized that it was too long for social media! It’s essentially about acceptance, positive thinking and saying ‘the hell with it’.

A friend has been posting disgustingly cheerful and upbeat statuses lately and I’ve idly wondered how heavily she’s been drinking. Or, as she also lives in BC, what ‘herbs’ she may be using… But today she explained that she is just trying to have a positive outlook in order to lead a more positive life and set a good example for her children. She’s putting “Don’t worry, be happy” to shame.

I decided I’d take a look at myself and rearrange my thinking about my problems, big and small. And really, at the end of it I realized I am lucky to have these first world problems.

I have been super stressed and crabby lately because we’ve had a spot of car trouble. It’s a long, convoluted story with a lot of “woe is me” moments. But ultimately, when I stopped worry about why it happened and the circumstances, I was able to be thankful for the outcome which is a new vehicle that better suits our family’s changing needs. All the rest will sort itself out.

I occasionally suffer from insomnia. Well, now I see it as an opportunity to get stuff done while the house it quiet.

I had a customer service experience that left a bad taste in my mouth. I really took it personally. So I wrote a letter to upper management venting my spleen, and now I feel better. It’s their problem they suck, not mine. And if nothing comes out of it, that’s fine too. I said my piece and can live with it.

Since my children started school, I’ve felt a little lonely with no close friends or family in our new city. Well, I thought about a friend who also moved cross country a few years ago and spent the first several months in absolute anger and depression over what she left behind. When she decided to accept her new situation and say “I’m here, this is my new home, I’ll make the best of it” she was happier and more at peace. I feel the same way. I spent 6 months planning and worrying over this major move (from Calgary to Vancouver), but with my friend’s experience in mind, I have embraced it as an adventure. There are lots of things about this place that really cheese me off, not the least of which is ICBC and HST, but the hell with it! I’m here and enjoying the good! Like growing fresh herbs in December. Mojito anyone?

So yes, your daughter will annoy you by doing “X”. And your husband never does “Y”. And it’s totally unfair that “Z” happened to you. But doesn’t your kid’s giggle make you smile? Don’t you love it when your husband does that silly thing you fell in love with? Take joy in small pleasures and look for the silver lining in those clouds. Embrace it, enjoy it, exclaim it! And don’t worry! Be happy!