Doodlepedia Animal AnticsIs you child fascinated with animals?  Do they like learning interesting tidbits about the animal kingdom?  Can they spend hours with just a pen and some paper?  If so, you and your child will find endless pleasure in Doodlepedia Animal Antics.

Doodlepedia is in fact a series of books which combines fascinating information and drawing.  After we drilled home the concept of “this is a special book and it is only this book in which you are allowed to draw” our kids were beyond excited to get started.

The page that first grabbed them was the elephants.  The point of the page was to explain there are two types of elephants: African and Asian.  The African elephants have massive ears compared to the Asian elephant’s tiny ones.  Our boys had great fun drawing the ears on the elephants.  From there we turned to the page about penguins.  They already knew about Emperor penguins; here we learned about the Adelie and Chinstrap varieties.

The Doodlepedia Animal Antics book is full of bright colours and fascinating tidbits.  You will want to add this one to your collection.  For the month of March, DK Publishing is having a sale on the Doodlepedia Animal Antics book.  You can receive 30% off by ordering your book through this link!  Enjoy!