Fly, Chick, Fly!A truly sweet book about overcoming fears.  Fly, Chick, Fly! by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross tells the tale of three baby owl chicks.  Two of the chicks hatch early, are eager to fly and start independent lives.  The third chick takes her time hatching, has absolutely no interest in flying and is terribly worried something horrible will befall her.  Don’t worry the story ends happily and you won’t have to deal with your kid waking up with nightmares!

Tony Ross’ pictures mirror the sweet innocence of Jeanne Willis’ narrative.  This simple tale provides many points to start family discussions: confronting timidity, embracing new experiences, and trusting parental advice.

As owls are a current favourite of our two young boys, this story was a hit on many levels.  It has fast become one of the books they fight over to read; surely that has to be a positive review in and of itself.