In the Night Garden

I’ve had a bit of blog writer’s block for the last few weeks. I’ve had a few topics come to mind, but nothing that has really stood out as something others might be interested in reading, but now it has come to me in a flash of inspiration. In the last several days, In the Night Garden (ITNG) has figured prominently in many conversations. And they all end with some variation of “that show is like drugs for kids!”

  • My nephew Niko is all of 6 months old, and is instantly mesmerized by it whenever it comes on. My sister in law is now looking for it on DVD to harness it’s power for good
  • My son Billy is a little dynamo. He doesn’t sit still for anything, but will sit through an entire episode, his mouth hanging open, totally transfixed.
  • A friend’s son is a three year old terrorizer and loves it too. Some of the only downtime his mother gets is when ITNG comes on.

And none of us parents understand the show! My husband comes home to a quiet house and realizes what must be on TV. He watches for a few minutes and shakes his head saying “this show is what it must be like to trip on LSD” Personally, I compare it more to valium because it calms the little buggers down. My friend’s husband sat through an entire episode with his son, and could only say “WTF!” afterwards.

And the toys! They are weird! I finished most of my Christmas shopping yesterday by spending a harrowing hour and a half in Toys R Us. Complain bragging alert!!! I could not believe all the ITNG stuff! Iggle Piggle, and Upsy Daisy and the wacky train thingy, tub toys and all the like. And what the heck are Haa hoos? And Makka Pukka reminds me too much of the sound the dog makes before he hurls up the T-bone…

However, having said all that, I have to admit that its meant for the kids, and if they get it, that is all that matters. I am just grateful for the serenity it provides me – It’s the only way I can make dinner these days…and I can only hope that Treehouse never moves it from its 5:30pm timeslot! If anyone understands the show and can explain it to me, please write!

Dec 4, 2008