3 siblings togetherReasons Not to have Another Baby:

It’s expensive, can’t afford more, want more financial security, not enough room in our house, not enough seats in the car, need to go back to work, want to go back to work, the children we have are too young, the children we have are too old, I’m too old, my husband is too old, they have busy schedules, we’d have less quality time with more children, we have a dog, we have a cat, we want a dog/cat, we want to travel, husband doesn’t want another child, kids don’t want another sibling, judgment of others for having “too many”, the world is not accommodating for 5+ person families; family passes are always for 4, tables seat 4, there are only 2 beds in hotels, bunk beds are for two, we’d need another stroller, another car seat, have an expired car seat, sold the crib, crib recalled don’t want to buy another, don’t like being pregnant, could miscarry, I already have 1/2/3/4/5 healthy kids, could I cope if the child had a severe birth defect, the nausea sucks, don’t want more stretch marks, hated labour, what if I have to have a C-section, fear screwing up my body for good this time, don’t like night feedings, breastfeeding was painful/complicated/annoying, formula is expensive, diapers are expensive, babies turn into terrible 2’s/ effing 4’s/teenagers, the world is overpopulated, school system is in shambles, health care system is a joke, society is messed up, the world is a scary place, I’m scared.

Reasons to have Another Baby:
I really want one more.