There is nothing like the golden Florida sunshine warming your skin, cheering up a winter-weary Canadian, visions of sand and sea as far as the eye can see. And particularly special is the southern chain of islansd known as the Florida Keys. Miami has glamour, Orlando has the theme parks but the Keys have laid back island charm.

Key Largo is the largest and Key West may be the most popular but with over 1700 islands and islets in the Florida Keys, there is plenty of fun in the rest of the Keys. If you find yourself in the middle of this 113 long chain of islands, here are three great attractions to visit.

History of Diving Museum


History of Diving Museum Suit- Middle Florida Keys Attractions
Scuba Diving has been around in various forms for over a hundred years. This museum curates artifacts from the sports inception in friendly, hands on environment, including a find the scuba guy scavenger hunt for kids!

History of Diving Museum Scuba guy- Middle Florida Keys Attractions

Found him! Check one off the scavenger hunt list!

Scuba buffs will enjoy checking out the gear that early scuba explorer wore, and how it evolved to the slick gear, they wear today. Do not miss a chance to put on a real brass diving helmet – a slightly claustrophobia-inducing endeavor on dry ground, let alone underwater!

History of Diving Museum - Hold Your Breath - Middle Florida Keys Attractions

Hands on exhibits at the History of Diving Museum. How long do you think you’d last?



Dolphin Research Centre

Grassy Key

This not for profit education and research Centre focuses on learning about dolphin intellectual capacity, cognitive reasoning and behavior as well as the best-practices for care of all animals in their care.

Dolphin Research Centre Florida Keys Training- Middle Florida Keys Attractions

More than just dolphin theatre, the DRC offers the opportunity to watch the animals from observation platforms in addition to encounters and shows. With a spray park, playgrounds, small aviary, memorial garden, and picnic areas learning and fun go hand in hand.

Dolphin Research Centre Florida Keys- Middle Florida Keys Attractions


The Turtle Hospital


Turtle Hospital Exam Room - Middle Florida Keys Attractions

Turtle Hospital Exam Room

Many of us are aware of the plight of the baby turtle who must overcome seriously bad odds of even being born before they hatch and make their way to sea. Once the reach the questionable safety of the water they still have many man-made dangers to contend with including shells damaged by boats, entanglement in fishing line and intestinal compaction caused by eating our trash. The animals at the turtle hospital are in various stages of their rescue and rehabilitation. Many will be re-released into the wild but some will not survive without human help. An eye opening facility, it’s at once disheartening to see the damage done to these animals but encouraging to witness them recuperate. While not allowed to touch them, visitors can view them quite closely in the different pools and even feed them.

Turtle Hospital Viewing pool- Middle Florida Keys Attractions

Observation pool at the Turtle Hospital. No fingers in the water please!