I got a t-shirt at a conference I attended last fall that has a picture of bacon on it underneath the words “BACONISTA”

I. Love. It.

Because I love bacon. And its funny.

The first thing I decided to do with it was wear it to the gym.
For real. Bacon at the gym. I giggled at the irony.

But I get very hot when I work out and prefer wearing tank tops. So I found this awesome blog with instructions on how to make my t-shirt into a workout shirt and I am ever so happy!


baconista workout tank back

I won’t reinvent the wheel by posting instructions here, just click on the link, but I will add that it really will turn out better if the t shirt is a little too big. So for my next one I am going to be liberating one of my husbands t-shirts! Shh, don’t tell him he’s about to lose his Atari shirt!
atari t shirt