As the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization brings the year of sustainable tourism to a close, adventurous Canadian families are looking forward to a new year of exciting new trends and emerging destinations. Here’s a list of 8 family travel trends for 2018:

1. Poshtels

Poshtels are youth hostels without the grunge factor – and they’re no longer just for youth. Families love the economy of these boutique hostels, many of which have en-suite rooms. Check out this list of 11 amazing hostels in Europe from Hostelworld, or search through the properties owned by the Youth Hostel Association of England and Wales, to see just how far backpacker youth hostels have come.

YHA Manchester breakfast room - "poshtels" are one of the major Family Travel Trends for 2018

Not the youth hostel of your twenties: the posh breakfast room at the Manchester YHA/photo: Helen Earley

2. Flytographers

A flytographer is a vacation photographer. For approximately the same price as a high-end photo studio, a local professional photographer will help you plan your shoot, meet you on location, and snap away. The advantage of hiring a pro is that he or she will have the inside track on the best locations and lighting for a great shot.  Check out to meet the hundreds of flytographers for hire around the world.

Flytographer - Hector in London , travel trend for 2018

Hire a flytographer to recreate the Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover/photo: flytographer Hector, London, UK

3. Foraging Tours

Cooking-classes are sooo last season! Head into the forest and field and start digging for your delicious supper with a foraging tour. Notable tours include Puck’s Plenty in Ontario, the Wild Kitchen, in County Clare Ireland, and this truffle-hunting experience in Istria, Croatia.

truffle hunting in croatia - perfect for families. 8 Family Travel Trends for 2018

Truffle hunting in Croatia with Karlic Tartuf/photo: Karlic Tartuf Facebook

4. Digital Detoxes

Although travel experts at predict an increase in the use new technologies such as virtual reality for choosing travel destinations, we believe that many families want to completely switch off at their family travel destination. It’s our prediction that in 2018, hotels and resorts will begin to advertise “no internet” or “WiFi-free” as a selling point.

5. Drones

Move over selfie sticks, the drones have arrived, and they are becoming more affordable with many models costing less than the price of a digital SLR camera. Family vacation photography is so much fun when you’re the pilot of a small, remote-controlled aircraft. Do check local rules and regs before you take flight as drones are banned in many US cities.

Move over selfies, drones are here! - Family Travel Trends for 2018

Move over selfie-sticks. Drones are the new travel toy for 2018

6. Wadi Rum, Jordan

The Jordan Trail is a rejuvenated ancient hiking path that spans the length of the country and is voted as one of  National Geographic’s Best Travel destinations for 2018. We think the real treasure is toward the south of the trail at Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon, where families can ride camels, horses or Jeeps, go rock climbing, and wake up in a Bedouin tent. With dramatic sandstone cliffs and soft red sand, the kids will think they’ve landed on Mars.

Wadi Rum Tents in Jordan - 8 Top Travel Trends for 2018

Camping at Wadi Rum: sensational fun for families/photo: Jordan Tourism Board

7. Anguilla

Hurricane Irma gave the northern Caribbean a beating during the 2017 hurricane season, but it hasn’t dampened the hospitality of Anguilla. Formerly a playground for the rich and “don’t want to be seen on the cover of HELLO magazine” famous, Anguilla is now a mainstream tourist island, with a clear, chilled out vibe, perfect for families.

Anguilla waves - Family Travel Trends for 2018

Anguila: a “new” destination for Canadian families/photo: Anguilla Tourism Board Facebook

8.  Pyeongchang, Korea

You’re going to be hearing a lot about Pyeongchang, Korea. It’s the site of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. About one hour away from the Olympic village, visit Seoraksan National Park which boasts the highest mountain in the Taebaek mountain range. Ride the Seorak cable car, or embark on a healthy hike to see thousands of unique species of plants and animals.

Seoraksan National Park/Photo: Imagine your Korea