That constant buzz buzzing you hear from the local park is not a bunch of angry bees but probably neighbourhood kids battling it out like Luke and Darth with the newest Propel Star Wars drones.

Propel Star Wars Battle Drone

This may be a slight segue from our usual family travel stories but I can’t help getting excited by anything Star Wars! Propel will release a Collectors Edition of Star Wars Drones for “Force Friday” September 1, 2017. Sure, the drones are individually numbered and hand painted, but they are also high tech flying machines with technology enabling users – drone pilots – to link up and engage in live air battle games with up to 12 other drones. Watch this short clip of 2 professional drone pilots demonstrating what a live action fight could look like. Can you imagine having a live battle of Endor with your friends? Epic!

3 drone types are available, T-65 X-wing Starfighter, Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced x1 and a 74-Z Speeder Bike. All can reach speeds up to 50 km an hour (!!) and come with 2 batteries with a run time of 8 minutes per battery. To heighten the gaming experience, Star Wars theme music, sounds and character voices are integrated with the remote. Encouragement like Han Solo’s “Nice Shot, Kid!” or Darth Vader’s “The Force is strong with this one” will egg you on to the heights of drone battle.

Learning to fly the new drones is easy with multiple speed settings from beginner to advanced, a training cage to protect the propellers, and a new companion flight simulator app. Download the app for your Apple or Android phone and go through 34 training modes which train you from cadet to admiral status. The app syncs (through Bluetooth) the hand controller to your phone and will simulate a live flight, mimicking your movements, and teaching you how to fly your drone like a pro!

LiFi technology (100 times faster than WIFI), Intelligent Awareness technology which bridges the gap between virtual gaming and the real world, and reverse propulsion are just some of technological advances that allow the Propel Star Wars drones to fly and manoeuvre like the ‘real’ thing! More than just a toy, these drones are an experience in themselves!

Propel Star Wars Battle Drone X Wing