See How They Go: FiretruckHave you discovered the “See How They Go!” series of books from DK Publishing?  These books are terrific!  Our boys are the proud owners of the repeatedly-read “Spaceship”, “Trains”, “Fire Truck” and “Buses”.  Not only do our boys learn information which they find fascinating, my husband and I find answers to questions such as, “Mom, how do helicopters get the water to fight fires?”  (The answer is super cool: the helicopters use a snorkel which can suck up to 2,000 gallons of water in just 45 seconds).  If you are like me, and dislike saying “I don’t know” or “let’s go look that up on the computer”, the “See How They Go!” series is a perfect addition to your library.  I much prefer to go old school and read a book to discover information; I want to teach my children there are resources other than the internet to discover answers.

See How They Go: SpaceshipPrior to our recent visit to our local Space Centre, I re-read the “See How They Go!  Spaceship”.  The book gave them great context for understanding the displays and exhibits in the space museum.  The book has a section devoted to the International Space Station; the space museum was running a video of an interview with Chris Hadfield at the International Space Station.  It was wonderful to see our children making the connection between what had been read in the book and what they saw in real life.

There are many subject areas explored in the “See How They Go!” series: trucks, diggers, cars, emergency vehicles, boat, airplane, tractor; the list goes on!  As an extra special treat, there is a sticker page at the back of each book.  These books are great for your personal library and would certainly make a terrific birthday present for your child’s friends.