This is my picnic/beach blanket.

Water Resistant Picnic Blanket

I saw this idea on a craft blog ages ago; it uses a fleece backed vinyl tablecloth so the backing is very water-resistant. For the top, I used the same outdoor fabric I used when recovering my patio swing cushions.

Waterproof picnic blanket backing

It works great on wet grass and on the beach – the sand doesn’t stick! But it likely won’t last as long with constant beach use because rocks will rip it. The upside is you can always remove the tablecloth if it tears and reuse the top fabric with another tablecloth.

The best part? This blanket was essentially free because I used fabric leftover from another project and the tablecloth was a hand-me-down! We keep it by the front door so its handy for impromptu picnics, beach trips and soccer games.

This,, is not where I originally got the idea (lost that bookmark unfortunately) but it’s a good tutorial to make your own. This is pretty much how I made mine.

This one on is made the same way and I just had to include it because it’s super cute; she uses scraps of denim for a quilt look, and I love that she kept the pockets on some!

And I had to include this one from She uses a slightly different technique with a blanket so it’s really cozy!