An Easter Tea Party, or Why I have no business being on Pinterest

First of all, I probably shouldn’t have volunteered myself for this assignment. I’m not what you would call a “a good baker.” I don’t “measure accurately” or “read recipes.” My modus operandi when it comes to cooking is to read a bunch of recipes, take the gist of what the
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Easy Easter Treats: Coconut Mini Egg Nests

By Lisa Corcoran I wouldn’t exactly say that Easter is one of those big baking holidays in our family. Even though it is a time where our family comes together, and much of that time revolves around food, it’s not like Thanksgiving or Christmas when it comes to the traditional
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Hippity Hop Easter & Spring Break Printables

  Hippity hop hop Easter’s on its way! And yes, once again, the Keep Calm-o-matic is making me smile because its so easy to make silly but fun images. We’re in the midst of Spring Break around here and it’s going to culminate with Easter on March 31st. If your
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If you have a little Greek in you…

Then Xristos Anesti!  Today is Orthodox Easter! Easter is a huge celebration in my family, and I have always liked it better than Christmas so today is also a day that I really really miss big fat crazy Greek Family. Although I am not particularly devout, I can’t let the
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