By Lisa Corcoran

I wouldn’t exactly say that Easter is one of those big baking holidays in our family. Even though it is a time where our family comes together, and much of that time revolves around food, it’s not like Thanksgiving or Christmas when it comes to the traditional baking.

But here’s the reality, it’s never a family celebration at our house without baking of some kind. The beautiful thing about Easter baking is because it isn’t steeped in generations of tradition; I can be as creative at home, or in the grocery store, as I want. Or not.


This year, we are going to have a few little people around and am planning to few fun things. When I think of Easter treats, I think about nests, chicks and bunnies. Coconut and mini eggs are easy ways to create nests on just about anything.

I’ve done this a number of times on cupcakes. Start with your favourite cake flavour – for me, it’s usually chocolate, carrot or banana. For frosting, I usually use vanilla or chocolate when doing bird’s nests, but have also used coloured icing and then dipped the whole thing in untoasted coconut which is quite pretty as well.


No time to bake? Here’s one of my favourite super easy tricks. Pick up some two-bite brownies with the white frosting on the top. Dip a knife in a cup of hot water to flatten the icing. Sprinkle some coconut around the edges and pop a couple mini eggs in the middle.


About Lisa:
Lisa’s a Calgary newbie. She spends her days working as a marketer and her free time taking her kids on adventures. She’s a mom of two, wannabe cork dork, baker extraordinaire, occasional runner and always has a supply of bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Follow her adventures @Lisa_Corcoran