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Zedstream at Hotel Zed Victoria
Hop into the Comfort of the Zedstream at Hotel Zed Victoria

Hotel Zed is known for its fun, retro vibe, much like Airstream trailers are known for their fun, retro vibe. Is it any wonder the new Zedstream at Hotel Zed Victoria feels like a match made in fun, retro heaven? Parked out back of the hippest hotel on the block
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Star of the Sea
More Than a B & B! Star of the Sea in Halifax is the Story of an Historical Landmark

One doesn’t typically think of a B and B as a destination—perhaps just a place to lay your head and start your day between holiday expeditions—until you lay eyes on ‘Stella Maris.’ Nestled on the rugged shores of Ferguson’s Cove, 10 minutes from downtown Halifax and just steps away from
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Five First Class Scottsdale Resorts for Families
5 First Class Scottsdale Resorts for Families

Stay at one of the hottest Scottsdale resorts for families and have your hotel be part of the fun! Don’t let a horror story happen to you! The mattress on the living room floor was the first clue our vacation rental was not as it appeared on line. “Oh” I said, in
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melia braco village
Jamaican Hospitality Awaits at the Melia Braco Village

“No thanks, I’ve got it”, I say to the helpful concierge at Jamaica’s Melia Braco Village as she asks to take my bag, “I’m an independent girl!” She smiles at me and says in that divine Jamaican lilt, “Yes, my lady, but so am I! And I’m here to make
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Kelowna, Kelowna! One Trip Two Ways

Clinking glasses with my husband over an elegant seafood dinner beside Lake Okanagan, lights over Kelowna’s Bennett Bridge fading into the distance as cars whiz by, and the light buzz from the distillery tour we just finished, makes it easier–just for now– to forget the devastating dumpster fire that has been
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Slide into the Sonoran Splash pool - photo Fairmont Scottsdale Princess
Five Fantastic Things Your Kids (and You) Will Love about the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

My husband and I were on our way to breakfast when a pirate blocked the footbridge. “You’ll have to answer this riddle to pass”, he told a little boy who was staring up at him in amazement. “What has eight legs and eight eyes?” No one could guess. “Eight pirates!”
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Brother and Sister in Bali
Experience Bali: The Old, The New and The Futuristic

Bali is widely known as one of the most romantic trips you can take as a couple. What many don’t know is that it can also be an exciting adventure for families. Though Bali is a small island, different areas offer very different experiences. Plan to travel around to experience
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How our family booked a room above a traditional English pub
Going Local in London, England: Our Family Booked a Room Above a Traditional English Pub

Many of us think of the traditional English pub as a place to enjoy a pint of beer or a “home-cooked” meal. But did you you know that some English pubs offer superb family accommodation at a fraction of the price of a hotel room? Read on to learn how our
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Hotel Foster Dogs
Hotel Foster Dogs: Bringing Home Love on Four Feet

Hotel foster dogs are helping travelers rethink the idea of  “souvenir.” What’s the best thing you ever brought home from a trip? There are many happy reminders of trips past scattered throughout our home: a vial of teeny tiny seashells carefully collected from a Cuban beach, the enormous glass hooka we
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Oakley Court Hotel Rocky Horror Windsor
Butlers, Bicycles… and Rocky Horror! Family Fun at The Frighteningly Luxurious Oakley Court Hotel in Windsor, England

This summer, in anticipation of an entire month’s stay with family in the South West of England, we did something special following our red-eye flight from Halifax to London. Rather than run full-pelt from the airport, tired and dishevelled into the clutches of my Cornish in-laws, our family enjoyed a “pre-holiday” getaway
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