Mahone Bay

Mahone Bay Scarecrow Festival | Kitschy Fun For Everyone

“What the heck are those?” we both blurted in unison. My husband and I were startled by the eery greeting of scarecrows welcoming us to Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. Their toothy grins and haunting stares were a combination of kitschy and creepy. Garish and gaudy, these handcrafted scarecrows are everywhere
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The Mystery of Oak Island
The Mystery of Oak Island: Treasure Hunting on Nova Scotia’s South Shore

“Look Mum, I think I found something!” My daughter solemnly holds up the remnants of an iron grate that she has found during our walk along the marina at the Atlantica Oak Island Resort and Conference Centre, a family hotel overlooking the famous Oak Island just outside Nova Scotia’s Mahone Bay. Her “rare
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