Palm Springs

40 is fabulous in Palm Springs
40 is Fabulous in Palm Springs!

As my 30’s wind down, I find conversations with other women my age tend to go something like this: Mm-hmm, yup, me too. Mm-hmm, yup, me too. Uh Uh, that is not normal, get that checked out. Mm-hmm, yup me too. So it was with some trepidation that I approached
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family adventures in Palm Springs
Palm Springs – Where Family Fun is Just Desert

Palm Springs may evoke thoughts of old-time Hollywood, Bugs Bunny cartoons and retirees golfing more than it screams family vacation but in actuality, it is a fantastic destination. The proximity to other SoCal destinations is perk– take 2 hours to drive to LA or San Diego and satisfy your kids’
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