Seattle for Couples
Seattle for Couples: It’s ok to be Sleepless!

In May 2000, a pair of 24-year-old newlyweds set forth on their honeymoon, a trip that included a scant 24 hours in Seattle Washington. Recently, those not-so-newlyweds, decided to celebrate their 15th anniversary with a dirty weekend in the city that they didn’t get to fully experience the first time
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Affordable Family Fun at Great Wolf Lodge!

Family vacations are fun and what childhood memories are made of. But let’s be honest, it is hard to do a family vacation on the cheap. Factor in accommodation, meals and entertainment and the bank account takes a hit. I’m always on the lookout for a family vacation that packs
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wild horses monument near yakima washington
Travel Moments: Wild Horses Monument

Whenever my daughter runs like mad, hair streaming behind her, long limbs stretch out, she reminds me of a pony. I was vividly reminded of this when we stopped at the Wild Horses Monument in Central Washington recently. Officially called “Grandfather Cuts Loose the Ponies”, this artwork was installed as
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Family Travel: Road Tripping to Spokane

Normally the idea of being trapped in a car with my kids for several hours makes me cringe. I adore road trips, but my perception of them has been greatly altered with the addition of young children. However the drive to Spokane, Washington is an annual family tradition I can
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The Best of Seattle with Kids – Part 3

Father’s Day arrived and we felt that justified a return to Portage Bay Cafe for their Father’s Day breakfast. Yesterday’s fantastic breakfast was no fluke; this restaurant is absolutely terrific! After way too much food we headed over to the Seattle Aquarium. The Seattle Aquarium clearly must have inspired the
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The Best of Seattle with Kids – Part 2

The 2nd day of our Father’s Day weekend trip to Seattle started with a delicious breakfast at Portage Bay Cafe. The restaurant’s food is organic and locally sourced and DELICIOUS! My crab cake eggs benny was unbelievable.  The kids’ menu was terrific; the standard french toast/pancakes/porridge were all present. However,
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WW I Plane
Family Travel: Museum of Flight in Seattle

Last weekend our family went camping in Washington State, in a lovely spot, close to the ocean, close to the outlet malls and in the middle of beautiful lush forest. Problem was that the sun played peekaboo with the rain making that lush forest damp and dark. That’s when we
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