The LEGO Ideas BookLet me be honest, I don’t get Lego.  Never saw the fascination as a child and am completely mystified as an adult.  My children, however, are like their father and think Lego is the best thing since sliced bread.  Playing Lego when hubby is home to lend a creative hand is great (other than the inevitable hurt foot due to a piece buried in the carpet).  But when my husband is MIA and the kids drag out the Lego bin I will admit that I’ve tried to bribe them into other activities.

When I discovered The LEGO Ideas Books: Unlock Your Imagination, I was thrilled!  No longer did my Lego building talents need to terminate at towers.  This entire book is filled with fantastic ideas.  Sure some of the designs require specific pieces but there are also oodles of suggestions that we have been able to cobble together out of our miscellaneous bin of coloured squares and rectangles.  In fact that is the point of the book, see the model made with the “right” pieces and then use your imagination to create something inspired by what you’ve seen.

The LEGO Ideas Book has 6 sections: planes, trains & automobiles; town & country; out of this world; in days of old; a world of adventure; and make & keep.  At the beginning of each section a page is dedicated to show which Lego pieces might be useful when trying to re-create some of the models.  As a Lego newbie I was astounded by the sheer number and variance of Lego pieces.

Whether you are Lego-clueless like me, or a Lego-guru, this book will offer inspiration for hours spent on the floor clicking colourful pieces of plastic together.  Through the month of March, DK Publishing is offering 30% off the purchase of this book.  Click here to get your own copy of The LEGO Ideas Book: Unlock Your Imagination.  Have fun!