Quick! If I ask you to name something beautiful in Australia, what do you think of? Sydney Harbour, for sure.

Sydney Harbour Courtesy Tourism Australia

Sydney Harbour Courtesy Tourism Australia

Vistas of pristine blue ocean, the 12 Apostles and the Great Barrier Reef? Of course. The red sand mesas in the interior may even make the list for many.

12 Apostles Austrailia Courtesy Tourism Australia

12 Apostles Australia Courtesy Tourism Australia

Well now, when you think of the land Down Under, Tourism Australia is hoping Chris Hemsworth will help you think of its natural beauty. Swooning fans of the dashing star of Thor and the Avengers franchise say “No problem!”

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Chris Hemsworth as Thor
Courtesy Marvel

Announcing their choice of Hemsworth as Global Ambassador for Tourism Australia, they stated, “Chris truly embodies the Australian way of life and his love of his home country, with all its natural beauty, makes him an ideal ambassador,” citing growing up surfing, swimming and taking beach vacations with his preternaturally attractive family.

Chris Hemsworth from mens health invterview

The new Tourism Australia campaign focuses on its stunning beaches and coastal experiences. Chris Hemsworth will officially launch it in New York on the eve of Australia Day, January 26th.

Oh, and here’s just one last glimpse of the natural beauty…