I have a most excellent problem this week! My husband and I are taking advantage of extremely cheap last minute airfare to a hot beach destination, and we are leaving the children with their grandparents!!!! A vacation without children? Yes please!

Ah, a whole week to sleep in, lay on the beach, read, scuba dive, golf, and enjoy my husband’s company uninterrupted and spontaneously (wink wink) for a change. Bliss! My excellent dilemma, however is that I feel really guilty about leaving the kids behind.


There are some factors that help me deal with my guilt.

First, I need to lose 10 pounds before we go so I can fit into my old shorts and look better in my new bikini. This is not going to happen, so good old fashioned karma is punishing me a little 🙂

Second, we have a variety of family vacations planned over the next 6 months including skiing, houseboating and camping, so that assuages my guilt about daring to have fun with out them…

Third, they will be staying with their grandparents, whom they adore and who adore them right back. Both sets will be “tag-teaming” so that no one gets too overwhelmed. I know that the kids will be just as well cared for by Grandma & Grandpa and Yaya & Papo as they would by mommy and daddy. They will have a great time with their grandparents, with lots of “spoiling” time!

Fourth and finally, the planning is intense – I have to ensure that all the kids stuff is packed including diapers, toys, sippy cups, special blankets and clothes to last a week! I have about 5 lists on the go and still feel like I’m forgetting something…

However, my final thoughts on getting away without the children are something that our childbirth class instructor, a fabulous lady named Kathy, said to us way back when I was still pregnant with our first. Kathy said that people often forget, in the haze of children, why they connected in the first place. You come home and there is this baby that takes up most of your time and attention, and you often neglect the basic and most important relationship – with your spouse. As the child gets older and siblings are added to the family it gets a little harder for mommy and daddy to talk about things other than the kids. She said the first thing you need to do as new parents is when you get home, kiss the adult first. You partner came first in your life before your child, and god willing they will be there long after the child leaves home. Furthermore, she told us, the best gift you can give your children is two parents who love and respect each other and create a loving home for the kids. To this end, take time to yourselves and don’t ever regret it!

And so, thanks Kathy! I appreciate your advice and thank you for your “permission”! I’ll have a Pina Colada for you!

Cheers everyone!