There comes a moment every August when parents have a moment of panic – it’s time to register the kids for those fall activities! It throws shade on our sunny summer days, a cold realization that the lazy hazy days are drawing to an end. The morning air has a hint of crispness, children are getting antsy about seeing their friends again and parents are looking forward to a more familiar routine. But now the hard part – figuring out what the kids outgrew (or destroyed) over the course of 2 active summer months.


Hockey parents will find themselves in the age-old ritual of hauling out the hockey bag, taking a deep breath before unzipping it and sighing in relief when nothing gets up and walks away. But dang if your son didn’t just sprout 2 inches over the summer leaving the pads too short. And your daughter’s feet are now too big for those skates that you bought in January!

Sport Chek for Hockey skates and back to school

Indoor soccer picks up where the outdoor season ends, with a lot less rain! Do the shoes fit? Of course not! Last year’s cleats are too small so finding a good fit is a must. And why not pick up a bright new pair of kicks for the classroom too?

Sport Chek for Back to School - swimming

If Michael Phelps performance at the Olympics inspired your child to commit to swimming lessons, they’re going to need something warm after all that time in the pool. Cosy hoodies are just what the coach ordered after a cool hour in the pool!

Sport Chek for Back to School hockey skate gymnast in pose

All that bending, stretching, jumping and twisting gymnasts accomplish is nothing short of remarkable. It takes time, commitment and determination to make the Games and it starts with showing up to the gym each week. Gymnasts will look and feel awesome in new tank and leggings.