Urban Adventures: West Coast Crabbing

Urban Adventures West Coast CrabbingWhen people on the west coast of Canada say, “let’s get some crab!”, it’s usually time to buckle up with a few traps and head to a favourite spot on the pier (or the grocery store).

But when we go crabbing at the beach with the kids, it’s strictly catch and release scenario!

Crabbing, kids style!

First, find a rocky beach!


rocky beach

Next, leave no stones unturned! It helps to have a partner!


Urban Adventures Crabbing on the West Coast



Urban Adventures Crabbing on the West Coast

Aw, so cute!


Urban Adventures Crabbing on the West Coast

The only tools required are a small shovel, bucket, and depending on the weather, warm clothes and dry boots! It’s fun to observe the baby crab, watch them scamper and we always make sure that we treat them gently and release them when we are done.

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