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2013 Gerber Generation Photo Contest (closed)

Gerber 85th Birthday

Your baby is cute, right? Of course he or she is — now’s your chance to show the world just how adorable your little nugget is. Gerber Canada is holding its 2013 Gerber Star contests and they’re asking parents, family, and friends of cute babies from across the country to submit photos and brag up the little ones in their life.

All you have to do is swing by the Gerber Canada Facebook page and upload a photo of your favourite little guy or gal. You can upload one photo per day up until October 27, 2013. Then come back to the site daily to vote for your favourite photo and encourage everyone else in your social networks to do the same! You can use the hashtag #GerberContest if you’re promoting your photo on Twitter!

Each photo submission is a chance at winning one of the four weekly prizes (valued at $250 each) and will also be up for the grand prize and the two runner-up winners, which will be selected by a panel of Gerber judges from the 10 photos that receive the most votes. The Grand Prize consists of the Gerber Star 2013 title as well as $2,000 contribution to their RESP. Runners up will get RESP contributions of $500 and $250.

The contest begins October 1. Get your babies posing and start snapping some photos!

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  1. WINNER?????????

  2. So who won the Gerber contest, I have been trying to find out?

  3. Dawn Kenehan says:

    Don’t think this is a good contest because obviously the 1st ones in will have better odds at top 10. Shouldnt Gerber look at ALL the photos and then make a short list for voting…like top 100…can’t go by votes alone. Everyone votes for their own entry not which baby is actually the cutest. It should be Gerbers most likes contest not cutest baby.

  4. 2 questions!!
    How can I tell how many votes each baby (including my own) has? And,
    Do I upload the same photo daily or a different one each time?
    There’s not enough info to make it easily understood.

  5. Why is it telling some of my Facebook friends that they have already voted for my baby, when they haven’t! It says it daily on all of my baby’s photos! My baby has lost many votes because of this glitch on your behalf! NOT Impressed, and I’m not buying this contest at all. Since the voting is obviously not working for everyone Gerber is just doing this to get the “likes” on Facebook and get free advertising from all of us parents who are posting pics of our babies, daily!! False Advertising!!!

  6. How can you tell how many vote everyone have and how many i have

  7. Thanks, Gerber for making it practically impossible to find the photo of our baby that we submitted to the Generations 2013 contest. I think your search tool is broken because every other kid’s photo submitted by every other parent comes up when I search our names. Good job!

  8. Anne-Marie says:

    Why is the province of Quebec not eligible? (in the contest entrey) QC is not an option!?!?

    • familyfuncanada says:

      According to Gerber, who is running this contest:
      “Due to the restrictions associated with running a contest in Québec as set forth by the “Regis des Jeux et des Lotteries” we are unable to include Québec in this contest. We hope to be able to include our Québec fans in future initiatives and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

  9. Kimberlee says:

    I’m a little bit confused on the Gerber Generation Photo contest. How do my facebook friends vote? I find the rules and regulations confusing and so do my facebook friends.
    Do I have to upload the picture every day to be entered into the contest and to get a vote(s)?
    Sorry but it’s just a little confusing as what to do… Maybe it’s because I’m a Gramma that I don’t quite understand the rules and regulations?!?

  10. Pierrette Burton says:

    Can not open or find gerber Canada facebook page to put in a vote … WHY ?

  11. The contest hasn’t started and they announced it will start next week (week of Sept 23 2013)

    • familyfuncanada says:

      We are in touch with Gerber regarding more details and will post an update when they give us more information. Sorry for the confusion. -vm

  12. The Gerber fb page says that the contest has not started yet, and will not post the rules and regulations or instructions on how to enter. Where is this info from?