101 Great Science ExperimentsThis week my kitchen counters have been covered with sprouting avocado seeds, exploding volcanoes, and homemade instruments.  All of this creativity and brain-growing-goodness is thanks to the fantastic 101 Great Science Experiments: A Step-By-Step Guide by Neil Ardley.

I’ve been most appreciative of the book this week as the Pineapple Express pummelled BC’s West Coast.  The never-ending rain could have resulted in squirrely kids and a stir-crazy mom, but that disaster was avoided thanks to the activities presented in 101 Great Science Experiments!

The book is divided into subject areas: air & gases, water & liquids, hot & cold, light, colour, growth, senses, sound & music, magnets, electricity, and motion & machines.  With truly more than 100 experiments to attempt we could survive any rainy-weather-system headed our way!

The science experiments work well for any age.  Our 2 year old likes to muck around with the supplies needed for the experiment; our 4 year old is instantly involved in creating the experiment.  Both have take great pleasure in charting the experiment’s progress.  The sprouting avocado seed (I didn’t have a bean seed like the experiment suggested, so we improvised) has provided a ridiculous amount of entertainment, conversation and speculation.

If you aren’t sufficiently intrigued by this book, here’s an extra perk for you!  Right now (until the end of March) DK Publishing is having a 30% off sale.  Click on this link to purchase 101 Great Science Experiments, as well as other fantastic books, at the discounted rate.  Enjoy!