Last week we gave you a list of 20 things to do this summer with your family and had so much fun we decided to list 20 more! With these lists, you will banish “I’m Bored” from your kids’ vocabulary. Well, maybe just hear it a lot less often…

1. Play a game of frisbee/disc golf

2. Ride the rapid transit line from one end to the other with a train-obsessed toddler.

3. Try geocaching! (Warning, you may become addicted!)


4. Get to know some animals at the Zoo. Ask a zookeeper what your favourite animals’ names are and some other fun facts about them.


5. Two words: Mini Golf! Set up a tournament for your family and see who has the best putting skills!

6. Summer is Festival Season! Music? Food Art? Yes! Pick your favourite and head out! Bonus; see how many times you can get your face painted at various festivals and events over the course of the summer.

face paint

7. Try a 5K fun run or walk. You’ll be amazed at how far and fast even little kids can go when they get into it.

8. Observe the skys from your local observatory. Or download an app like Sky Map for Android or Apple and lead your own celestial exploration.


9. Try out rollerblading on city pathways.

10. Take a family hike and roast some marshmallows. Don’t forget to pack a picnic!

11. Choose a neighbourhood you’ve never been to before and take a stroll through it to discover new shops, restaurants, and places to hang out.

12. Take your kids out hula hooping in a public park.

13. Indulge yourself with a day at the movies. Choose an age appropriate flick that everyone will like and treat the family to a huge bucket of popcorn.

14. Pick your own berries at a local u-pick farm. Bring them home and make a yummy dessert with your kids.

15. Seek out local ‘movie in the park’. Bring a lawn chair and enjoy at free outdoor movie at various locations in your city

16. With school off, take advantage of your public library! See how many books you can read over the course of the summer months or try the TD Summer Reading Club. Bonus points if you can find a nice cozy hammock to share while you read.

summer reading

17. Catch a CFL game!

18. Try Letterboxing. It’s like geocaching but with an artistic twist.

19. Go to a local rodeo or town fair!

20. Try to ride every single ride (that you meet the height requirement for!) at an amusement park

Adapted from our list of 100 Things to do in Calgary this Summer