Every year, around my birthday in the Fall, I give myself a night off at a hotel in town. Once a year is all I take off as a parent and this year, I decided to give myself two nights away, in another city!  I spent my Mom-Cation in another Saskatchewan city, Regina, where I when I attended university 20 years ago. As it turns out, I spent most of the time working or at school so I didn’t explore. This time, I went with no real plan. In all honesty, I mostly followed the trees. The autumn colours were in full effect and all I wanted to do was see all of the beautiful colours.

Parents do a lot. ALL THE TIME. I work from home and I am a stay-at-home-Mom, plus, I’ve been a solo mom while my partner works away. I love it and I love my son, but it’s so nice to take some time to just breathe and remember who I am without a child attached to me. I walked my son to school and then left him and my dog in the wonderful care of my mom and drove to Regina from Saskatoon. The weather was perfect so I tried to spend as much time outside as I could.

Lumsden Scarecrows

The first thing I did was make a stop at Lumsden, a town about half an hour from Regina. I was a little ahead of schedule so I had time to discover this beautiful spot surrounded by the most stunning orange trees. I drove into town and stopped at a gift shop called The Painted Parasol Gift and Toy, where I found a toy for my son, a necklace, and a birthday present for my sister. Lumsden was getting ready for their Scarecrow Festival. The timing didn’t work out for me to go but I would love to take my son next year.

Instead of heading back to the highway to get to Regina, I followed the trees along the back roads. I drove down a road with a gorgeous view and found a place to park and a trail to hike. It was gorgeous.

After the much-needed fresh air, I decided my first night in Regina would be spent with some take-out sushi and wine while relaxing in my hotel room at the Days Inn Regina East. It was a lovely experience with a lot of smiles from the staff.

Days Inn Regina

I was ready for a wonderful night in to enjoy some time alone. Of course, this means, I video called my son twice that night and once in the morning when I woke up. That morning, I relaxed with some coffee and breakfast at the hotel before heading out for outdoor adventures. By the time I actually left the hotel, it was also time to find some lunch.

Bar Willow Eatery

Friends had suggested Bar Willow Eatery, a beautiful restaurant overlooking Wascana Lake. I had sangria and tacos while seated on their outdoor deck tables and enjoyed my own company. I miss going out to restaurants by myself. I can bring a book or journal, or just sit by myself and enjoy the view. I also had some wasps for company but we managed to coexist.

It was easy to decide what to do next. I wasn’t ready to spend any time indoors so a walk around Wascana Lake while longer than I expected, was wonderful and I loved the nature walk in the urban setting.


Legislative Building Regina

Along the way back to the hotel, I made some stops to appreciate the view and to see the Legislative Building. After a quick dip in the hot tub, I met up with my Aunt, the only person I saw while there. My aunt lives in Regina so we had supper at Grekos Restaurant and Steak House on South Albert. It was the perfect place to catch up on life and our favourite shows! My Greek ribs were delicious and the company was even better. I very rarely have adult conversations without my son so it was wonderful.

The next morning, refresshed from two nights away, I grabbed a delicious coffee and made my way back to Saskatoon. I wasn’t ready to go home yet so I found a couple more hikes outside Lumsden.

I passed a sign for Condie Nature Refuge. It’s a small area with 4km of hiking trails, spots to sit, and a lake. It was a wonderful stop.

Condie Nature Refuge

My Outdoor Appreciation Mom-cation wasn’t quite done yet. Wascana Trails was up next. Without even stepping foot on the actual trail, I was taken with the beauty. The scenery was breathtaking. It’s one of those places you look at and feel grateful for this beautiful place we live. I could have spent all day on the trail, but I had to head home at some point. I walked for about an hour along the trails with no actual destination before heading back to the car.

Wascana Trails

My plan was to head home after the hike, but there was one more place on the way that would make the Mom-Cation complete. I saw a sign as I was driving and it was something I can’t resist – wine!

Over the Hill Orchards & Winery was a wonderful place to stop. Over the Hill doesn’t seem to refer to age, but it is literally up a huge hill. In fact, they aren’t open once the snow hits because the hill is not easy to drive on in a vehicle. It’s the perfect place to go during Fall though. (I imagine Summer visits are also lovely.) The wine is delightful (and you can sample before you buy). I bought myself and my mom a bottle (or two). They also offer picnic baskets so you can enjoy food and wine while overlooking the beautiful area.

Over the Hill Orchard and Winery Picnic Basket

Over the Hill Orchard and Winery

My Mom-Cation was PERFECT. I had time for myself and it made me appreciate my time with my son even more.