Mobile apps are changing the world around us, making travel easier than ever before and especially helpful are apps for family travel! It’s amazing how apps can help when planning a trip and in transit. Everything from packing to bookings and locating your family members in an unfamiliar city are simplified with the use of your phone.

Here are 11 amazing apps to make family travel a breeze.

Packing Pro – iPhone, iPad – $3.99

Packing Pro, one of 11 great apps for family travel

Remembering to pack everything for yourself can be difficult enough, never mind packing for your entire family! You’re sure to forget some important item which is where Packing Pro comes in. The beauty of this app is its customization, allowing for different lists to be created for various types of trips. It even recommends items based on destination, weather, and how many kids you have!

Glympse – iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows – Free

Glympse, one of 11 great apps for family travel

Sometimes a family vacation includes time you want to spend away from the family group, and Glympse provides a way to know where your loved ones are without calling or texting them. The app runs in the background utilizing GPS and a dynamic map. You can see where your group is at anytime, and can even share the information with people who don’t have the app.


First Aid – Canadian Red Cross – iPhone, iPad, Android – Free

Red Cross App, one of 11 great apps for family travel

Sometimes the unexpected happens when you are on vacation, and it helps to have an excellent resource at your fingertips. The Red Cross has a first aid app which has information on some of the most common emergency situations. The app includes simple step by step instructions and videos for everything from treating jellyfish stings to preparing for hurricanes. It also sends you the emergency contact information and best phrases to know when you enter a new country.


Netflix – iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows- Free app, subscription service.

Netflix, one of 11 great apps for family travel

The Netflix app is a must-have for kid-friendly entertainment. A Netflix subscription starts at $8 a month, and you can control the content your child sees by entering into the kids section. Netflix isn’t just great for the kids, it has a huge selection of TV shows and movies for the parents too! Awesome for downtime at a hotel, it is perfect for anywhere with a data connection, but not the best app for remote travel or flights, as many airlines will block streaming video.


My Disney Experience- iPhone, iPad, Android – Free

Finding your Walt Disney World trip planning to be a bit chaotic? The happiest place on earth has created an app that allows you to relax and enjoy the trip. One of the best features of this handy app is that it connects everyone in your group so you all can see the plan for the day. My Disney Experience allows you to check out maps of all the parks, connect your tickets to each device, and even make dinner reservations for a complete overview of your day.


Google Translate – iPhone, iPad, Android – Free

Travelling to a destination that speaks another language? Google Translate not only allows you to type in a word or phrase you want to translate with almost instant results, but it also translates signs and menus through the camera on your phone; Simply hold your camera up to the text and Google provides an instant translation! It also has a handwriting option, conversation mode, and offline capabilities. It’s apps like these that makes travel a breeze.


GateGuru – iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows – Free

One of the worst parts about travelling with kids is dealing with flight delays and airport layovers. With GateGuru you simply input your itinerary, and relax! Real time push notifications about flight status are delivered right to your phone, and airport specific information is right at your fingertips. Find out the amenities available around you and how long it will take you to walk to the play area. Looking for a place to grab a bite to eat? GateGuru includes thousand of reviews on the best and worst places to have dinner in the airport.


Gus on the Go – iPhone, iPad, Android – $3.99-$4.99

Going to a new country is exciting for a child, and knowing a bit of the language ahead of time can help them feel empowered. Gus on the Go is an app aimed at children to help them learn a new language. Lessons are unlocked with achievements, and games keep your child engaged. Currently the app is available in 14 different languages, and it’s important to note each language is sold as a separate app.

XE Currency – iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Blackberry – Free

XE Currency Converter App, one of 11 great apps for family travel

Math is hard! It can be a struggle to convert from one currency to another, and that often leads to overspending when you shouldn’t. Shopping abroad is easier to understand with XE Currency, which allows for quick and simple currency conversion so you know exactly what you are spending before you make any mistakes. Rates are updated every 60 seconds so you can be sure you have the best information out there.


Dropbox – iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows – Free

When travelling with your family you don’t want to risk losing all of those precious memories, or running out of space on your phone. Upload all your photos automatically when connected to WiFi with the Dropbox app and feel safe knowing your pictures are saved. Another bonus is you can upload a movie ahead of your trip and make it available offline so you can watch it when you are out of a data zone. Also, rather than emailing photos you can share a link to your media for anyone to view. The app is free to download but only includes limited features, and will require a monthly or yearly subscription for 1TB of space.

Findery – iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows – Free

You can’t beat the knowledge of a local, and that is exactly what Findery is banking on. The app is a collection of notes about the best hidden gems in the area. It’s a great way to find out some of the lesser known places around you, and also get the family involved in leaving notes after you find a place you thought was really cool. You can also explore places on your bucket list and chart out a trip schedule based on what you find in the app. It’s like virtual geocaching on a social forum.