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Traveling With Kids: How to Cope with Confinement

I just came back from a wonderfully relaxing weekend WITHOUT MY KIDS!!!! While staying with friends, I had the unique pleasure of ignoring the little voice yelling “mommy!!!” and if a baby cried, it was optional for me to pick it up! Ah good times! But it got me thinking
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Walking back to our campsite by the beach
If You Love Camping, You’ll Love These 5 Camping Tips and Tricks

I know, I know, you’ve heard it a million times from me before, but my family REALLY loves camping. The Victoria Day weekend, also known as the unofficial start to camping season, is a few short weeks away and we’re ready to roll. I’ve talked about camping with the kids
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Bubble Wand Clothespin Holder
It’s Camping Season! Check out these 4 Camping Tips and Tricks

The kids and I played hookey last week and went camping! This was a very last minute trip, and we were gone for six days during which I learned a lot. I learned that it is possible to plan, shop and pack for a week in less than 24 hours.
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Visiting SeaWorld with kids
Tips for Visiting SeaWorld with Kids

Ask anyone who has ever been to San Diego and they will rattle off an endless list of fun things to do with kids in San Diego. During our 5-day visit to this southern California city, the sheer number of amazing adventures we could experience was in fact, overwhelming. We
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camping foods
6 Great Camping Meals and Treats to try this Weekend!

My son ascribes to the belief that everything tastes awesome when it comes in a taco format. I wholeheartedly approve. So when we went camping recently with another family, we sat there open mouthed and drooling as they made breakfast one morning. It was a simple concoction of eggs scrambled
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You Are Here. Roadtrips
Family Travel: How to Survive a Family Roadtrip

Our family is a road trip family. Sure, if we’re short on time or going from, say, Calgary to Florida, we’ll fly, but we’ve discovered over the years that our favourite way to travel is by car. We tend to drive from our home in Calgary to Vancouver just about
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Travelling with kids? 4 Regulations you Need to Know

Looking to drive across the border or jump on a plane with the kids this summer?  Better be prepared – and not just with snacks, colouring books and earplugs! I’ve flown into the United States with my kids, without my husband, on numerous occasions. While the Government of Canada doesn’t
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dining out
Cheap Eats: 12 Ways to Save Money on Vacation Meals

When I looked at the damage from my last vacation, I was surprised to see that our meals cost more than our airfare. Yikes! So before our next adventure, I’m bringing back some tried and true ways to save money while eating out. Cook for yourself While not much of
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Power to Go: How to Keep your Devices Charged on the Road

Technology is supposed to make our life easier right? We have the sum knowledge of the world at our fingertips through a smartphone and with this magical device we can figure out how to change a tire, make a soufflé, or soothe a crying child by letting them watch cat
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The Long Haul: 5 Ways to Make Trailer Camping Easy

My husband and I bought our first camping trailer when we were both just 17 years old. It was a 1963, 13 foot Scamper and it had survived a small fire and years of mothballs. It was not pretty by any stretch of the imagination, and to be perfectly honest,
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