It seems like it is totally raining babies!

This year, I’ve had about a dozen friends, family or acquaintances who have had or are having babies and three are/were due in November alone!

This prompted me to take up quilting in my questionable spare time. Initially I thought it would be fun to make a little blanket for some of the newcomers and maybe, just maybe, learn some patience in the meantime.

Ha!! Instead, many of my bad habits have re-established themselves:
Procrastinating, which leads to denial, which works hand in hand with impatience. This ultimately leads to the inevitable all-nighters during which I fall half asleep and do useless work anyway…

Ah how much it reminds me of university… Makes me a bit nostalgic actually…

But I digress.

I have also realized that while I love making a welcome gift for babies, it is also nice to have a backup in case I can’t get my act together to finish the blanket in time! To that end I have discovered a unique item called Tusk.

This is Tusk :

Isn’t he adorable? He was designed by a Calgary dad! And he is made in Calgary too. How awesome is that in this age when we fear lead tainted kids items from China?

Tusk comes in 3 colors, is made of powder coated steel (so he is pretty indestructible) and he is so cute that maybe the kids will use him to hang their coats, clothing or towels on all by themselves. And, Tusk is gender neutral, so it will work for boys and girls, and is not totally ‘baby-ish’ so it grows with your children.

How did I hear about Tusk? I take my children to a toddler drop-in at our community centre and it was there that I met Greg and Jennifer Ball. Talking while our children played, I discovered that Greg was an industrial designer (and the designer behind Tusk) and Jennifer founded a company called Connect Mommies + Babies while she was on maternity leave. They came up with the idea for Tusk while looking for something sturdy to hang their daughter’s coats and towels on.

Like many new moms, Jennifer felt there was a need for baby/toddler shopping to become easier for new moms, relatives and friends. She wanted to provide information about high quality and useful baby/toddler products in a comfortable atmosphere. Jennifer also realized how important it is for new moms to get out of the house and socialize. Connect Mommies + Babies provides the opportunity to purchase high quality, long lasting, durable, and functional children’s items. Customers can physically see and gather information on baby and toddler products before purchasing them, and usually get to take them home that day!

Tusk is one of their flagship items. It is also one of my favourites!

How can you get very own Tusk?

Check out the Connect Mommies + Babies website:

Connect Mommies + Babies