It’s been so long since I blogged about not being able to sleep. I’ve done it a lot, so I will spare you another one whining about not getting my much needed beauty sleep.

Tonight (this morning?) I woke up at 2:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. Half an hour later my daughter came in because she likes company when peeing in the dark, so I decided since I was up, I may as well do something useful, like feed my new addiction to “HOG’s” or Hidden Object Games, catch up on Facebook, and maybe work on the website… 🙂

Sleep Deprived

But as often happens when one wakes too early, the brain is running on crazy and I can’t stop thinking of random things.

Things like:

Why am I a little sad that my car seat expires in a few months? I’m not even sure I want another child, but I do know that if I have one, I am going to have to shop for another baby bucket and I hate shopping!

Why isn’t there someplace that takes these car seats for recycling? Clearly they cannot be reused if the expire, but aren’t the plastic and metal components recyclable? This seems like such an incredible waste.

Why did my parents immigrate to Canada when they had the whole world at their disposal? I have one uncle that ended up in Australia, and another who went to Florida, yet my mom and dad decided on good, cold, Canada. Clearly the weather is nicer in those other places – didn’t they look at a map? I can’t help but feel a little bitter about their decision, especially when the time it takes to help the kids get dressed to go outside is infinitely longer than the amount of time they spend playing outside before they come in tracking snow all over my kitchen and demanding hot chocolate with marshmallows…

Why does my daredevil child dislike touching snow while my more discerning child loves it, but didn’t like skiing when we put her in lessons last year. Hopefully they don’t take after me with my total lack of interest and coordination when it comes to outdoor winter sports….

Why am I such a scrooge? I am so glad Christmas is over. I was positively giddy when I took the decorations down yesterday.

Why does the thought of going back to work full time both intrigue me and depress me? More money would be nice, dealing with grown ups more regularly would be nice, but the logistics of getting the kids to daycare/school and back, then cooking and cleaning etc, seems daunting. And the freedom to get up and go pretty much wherever we want, whenever we can is very nice; it would be tough to give up.

And finally, why don’t I just go back to bed and try to get a few hours sleep before the kids wake up?

January 3, 2010