Stuart Chaifetz, father to Akian a 10 year old boy with autism started getting reports of his son acting out in school. He was told his child was hitting teachers and throwing chairs.

Stuart could not understand why his son was behaving this way because he is such a happy child. Stuart consulted a behaviourist and ultimately decided to wire his son with a recording device to get an idea of a typical day at school for Akian.

Because of his autism, Akian was not able to communicate to his father that he was being called a bastard, told to shut up, laughed at and made fun of by his teachers at school.
Any parent would be incensed by the actions of the teachers towards their child. The reason these actions are so disturbing is because it happened in a classroom full of children with special needs. These teachers were supposed to be their helpers and advocates, not their built-in bullies. The recordings also revealed teachers having inappropriate conversations in front of the children.

Stuart posted a YouTube video with excerpts from his recordings to demand a public apology and have the teachers fired from their jobs. He says “my son didn’t go to school, he went to prison and he learned to fight to survive.” Check the video out below but grab some tissues first.