Last night I kicked dinner’s butt.

My kids scarfed it down and there was none of that chewing one bite for 10 minutes pretending to eat business. My husband had thirds. Neither of us had to cajole the kids to use manners, stop fighting or try just one bite because they all loved it.

What did I make that elicited such bliss? Chicken legs roasted with cilantro, lime and garlic, chimmichurri potatoes and coleslaw with homemade lemony dressing. This is not a fancy meal and it took about 15 minutes total to prep.

But the fact that they ate dinner, and all told me how good it was, made me feel awesome! Like I was a Kitchen Rock Star or something!
Kitchen Rock Star
A few weeks ago we talked about our kitchen flops and disasters. Now I want to hear about your Kitchen Rock Star moments; what dish or meal do you make that has people oohing, ahhing and asking for the recipe?

To make it interesting, we will do a random draw of all the entries and give away a $25 gift card from our friends at Marble Slab Creamery! We will post recipes at a later date.

Send us an email or leave a comment below with your Kitchen Rock Star moves!