Cabo San Lucas

My kids cracked up as they watched me grip the seat to prevent myself from flipping into the middle of the suspension-less bus. I yelped each time the bus thunked over a pothole resulting in peals of children’s laughter. There were no seats front to back of the converted school bus we were riding, but rather long benches on either side which were padded, small mercies. A friendly guitar-playing passenger sat beside my daughter, gave a friendly toothless smile and handed his guitar to her. She shied away and cuddled into her dad. I shrugged at him and smiled, “ella esta timida” she’s shy. He shrugged back and resumed serenading. We could have forked over $25 for a private cab to coast along the smoothly paved roads on the main highway instead of skimping for the $1.00 public bus fare that veered off on some bumpy side roads but then we would have missed out on the complimentary mariachi show.

Cabo San Lucas public bus

The marina, where we were headed, is the main tourist hub in Cabo San Lucas. About a 30 minute walk along the beach from our resort, the Riu Santa Fe, for quick-footed adults, we knew it would likely turn into a 3 hour ordeal if we attempted a beach walk with our two kids. Our Alberta-born, land-locked kids inevitably would run back and forth along the beach to taunt the waves, stop to dig for seashells or beg to be carried. We are on vacation and the last thing we should be doing it looking at our watches but we had planned to meet with family vacationing in Cabo coincidentally at the same time. There’s also the matter that a 40 pound child starts to feel like a 400 pound orangutang when you are walking on sand.

Cabo San Lucas Marina

After a short bus ride into town, we started at the marina. A busy shopping area filled with waterfront restaurants, an upscale shopping mall, kitschy tourist t-shirt shops and quays brimming with shiny yachts. The kids were delighted at the impeccable timing as a fisherman was descaling his catch of the day. Polite pelicans and a lazy sea lion were patiently waiting for scraps to fly their way. The fisherman tossed the odd piece of fish to his feathery admirers who were gathering lots of attention from onlookers.

Cabo Fish Spa

By far one of the weirdest things we tried was a fish spa. You can find them everywhere in Cabo San Lucas, including our hotel. We went all-in and tested out the feet eating fish, squealing with surprise at the initial shock of hundreds of tiny fish nibbling on our digits. I doubt I would ever exfoliate this way again but it’s definitely one of those you have to try it once experiences. Visit Fish Therapy Los Cabos on Sundays to take advantage of their 2 for 1 deal. It’s far more fun with a friend.

View from the deck of the Baja Brewing Co. in Cabo San Lucas

View from the deck of the Baja Brewing Co. in Cabo San Lucas

We met up with my husband’s uncle and aunt for drinks at Baja Brewing Company’s rooftop patio. Frosty craft root beer for the kids, microbrewed IPAs and blended mango smoothies for the grown ups. Baja Brewing Co. patrons enjoy a spectacular view of El Arco, the famous rock formation also known as Land’s End. It was the perfect spot to enjoy the vistas and catch up on 10 years of family gossip.


Before heading back to our hotel, we stopped by Cabo Bakery for cappuccinos and cinnamon buns. Cabo Bakery appears on all the best of the best lists for Cabo San Lucas and is worth a visit. Strong espresso, european-style crusty baguettes and hearty breakfast fare make it a popular spot for both tourists and locals.


From whale-watching, fishing and snorkeling, there are endless activities to enjoy in Cabo San Lucas. If you’d like a bit more excitement than sipping margaritas pool-side but want something that doesn’t require signing a waiver, visit the the marina at Cabo San Lucas for some land-loving, lazy adventures.