And it begins again! Victoria Day long weekend is the unofficial start of the summer camping season when people across the country are digging out the tent, trailer or big RV and loading up the cooler to escape into nature.

It’s never been a secret that I love camping.

Or that I really like all the little gadgets, and tricks and time-saving tips that we use to cope with the challenges of outdoor living. Like using one multi-purpose soap instead of several products.:

Dr. Bronners

Streamline your products with an all-purpose soap

Or re-purposing children’s toys to keep things organised:

Bubble Wand Clothespin Holder

Use a bubble wand to neatly store clothespins

Plus the one essential saviour of every trip we’ve taken in the last 8 years: baby wipes. Yes, Baby Wipes. Besides bums, they take off the last dregs of mascara that you forgot to remove before bed, clean up dirty hands, eliminate spills on upholstery and just generally make icky sticky messes from s’mores to pine sap disappear. I heart baby wipes. Thank you, Costco for selling them in bulk…

baby wipes

But I also appreciate the beauty of camping, both within the natural environment and in our immediate sleeping/living environment. That’s why I like to class up the joint a bit.

Barbie sure knows how to glamp...

Barbie sure knows how to glamp…


And because I’m not a total princess, I can still pitch a tent and build a fire without petrochemical enhancements. We really enjoyed kickin’ it old school in our tent for a few days. Baileys in my Wonder Woman cup and bacon on a stick will make every adventure more civilized…

Adventures in Camping

However you do it, where ever you do it, just do it! Have a great Victoria Day weekend and an awesome camping season full of good weather and even better mosquito repellant.