The Big Book of Things to MakeDo you live in fear of rainy days?  I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE rainy days: get under a cozy blanket, turn on the fireplace, and read a book while sipping a cup of piping hot tea.  Then I had children.  I discovered the horror of day after day downpours.  On the west coast of BC rainy days are inevitable and that is why I was THRILLED to discover “The Big Book of Things to Make” (DK Publishing, 2013).

I am not crafty by nature.  To be honest, there isn’t a crafty bone in my body.  I loathe going to Michaels because I have no idea what to do with anything I find in there.  My boys on the other hand think they love crafts.  I have bins upon bins of craft supplies.  I dump them on the table and let them create….stuff.  The end result is neither good nor recognizable.  The Big Book of Things to Make saved my children from endless nonsensical crafts.

Fingerprint doodles are a big hit.  My kids have always felt putting stamps on themselves was much more entertaining than the paper I provided.  With fingerprint doodles they cover their fingers in ink and create characters and art.  Make sure you buy washable ink for this one!

Make your own slime was an automatic hit with my boys.  Gooey gross slop to play with – what more could a kid want?  This activity also gives you the chance to talk some science: is the slime a liquid or a solid?

The Big Book of Things to Make has activities for all ages.  While our 2 & 4 year olds have enjoyed a number of activities there are plenty more awaiting them in the years to come: concentration, pass the balloon, write a scary story.  In all honesty, many of the ideas can be tailored to any age group.  This is a fantastic book I will be turning to often when I’m stuck for an activity or looking to spice up the day with something new.