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visit Orlando
Visit Virtual Orlando This Spring

“Do you want to go on a roller coaster ride with me?”

Even though my six-year old knows that I mean a virtual ride, his excitement is still high, as he leaps beside me on the sofa, and fixes his gaze on the laptop. A few minutes later, th

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Bird watching can be done in any destination - Photo Carol Patterson
Bird Watching 101 – In Any City, Town or Country

Is it time to switch from the news channel to the bird channel? Watching birds can be done anywhere – even in urban environments and has big health benefits. Researchers i

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with Louvre Pyramid at evening
Over 2500 Free Virtual Museum Tours Around the World

Nothing beats the musty smell of centuries-old tapestries hanging from gilded walls, stepping along ornately tiled floors, a work of art in themselves, and gazing upon paintings created by the art masters.

But when borders close to outsiders and p

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Travel Insurance: What Happens During a Pandemic?

Those who follow me on Family Fun Canada and Family Fun Edmonton  know tha

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The Ultimate List of FREE Online Tours, Experiences and Homeschool Resources
The Ultimate List of FREE Online Tours, Experiences and Homeschool Resources

The Ultimate List o

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Stuck at Home? Make a Staycation FUN!


Unless you live deep in the woods or on a 36-foot yacht on its way across the P

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Exterior of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York Photo Voula Martin
No Travel? No Problem! Visit World Famous Sites, Online!

What to do with kids while quarantined? Those words might strike fear into parents hearts, but its a reality the world faces in the spring of 2020.

After being declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, COVID-19 (a.k.a. the ‘coronavir

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Caution is Key if Travelling During the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Crisis

Travelling is all about having fun, experiencing new things, relaxing and recharging. Travelling in Spring 2020, however, is none of those things. With the March 11 2020 declaration by Continue Reading...

Tales of Travel Fails – Terrible Trains, Awful Airplanes, Ticket Terrors

Despite careful planning, preparation and the best of intentions, bad things happen to good travellers. While #travelfails make for sad and terrible moments in the moment, they do supply great stories and travel memories for the future. Fro

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Travel trends for 2020: Wellness in Japan
12 Travel Trends for 2020 That Will Transform the Way You Think About Travel

Fasten your seat belts – there are some very interesting travel trends on our radar. In 2020 more people will turn to travel advisors, professional photographers, and even astrologers to help get the best out of their

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