Was it so long ago we were waving “Bon Voyage” from a cruise ship departing its port onto the open waters of the sea for adventures that await? Will we see those days again? Finally, after more than a year of cruise ships patiently waiting for the opportunity to welcome us again, cruise itineraries are available to book, and a post-Covid Cruise may happen sooner than we think! Cruise lines have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity. They will be treading the waters carefully with shorter itineraries and encompassing experiences onboard to provide vacationers with a memorable trip worth the effort.

The constant re-invention of the cruise industry lends itself to be one of the most resilient vacation options for travellers to enjoy in a value-added, jam-packed and non-stop holiday. And with more than a year’s worth of travel credits due to cancelled sailings and the generosity of cruise lines offering extra future travel credits to many travellers, the demand for cruising is strong, and the supply shows no signs of dwindling. With the recent announcement from the Centers of Disease Control permitting a framework to allow cruise ships to resume sailing from the U.S. this summer, the light is emerging from that very long tunnel we have been buried in for much too long.

And while the thought of cruising may still scare some individuals from ever setting foot on a ship, a cruise still offers one of the best overall value-added vacation experiences with more choice and selection to suit any age, travel style and budget, to almost anywhere in the world. A floating resort that offers you everything you need to escape, all you can enjoy in dining, entertainment and relaxation, a cruise takes you into the open waters and to new adventures abound, hitting several destinations at once. So unpack once, enjoy the ship’s amenities, and wake up each morning in a different country or island!

With advances in technology, cruise lines have embraced innovative concepts aboard to enhance your overall experience to allow you to maximize your vacation time. Think muster drill. It’s the part of the cruise that puts a sudden stop to the vacation vibes just as you are getting started. While it is an important review for all guests to complete for emergency procedures, stopping suddenly as the ship departs for all guests to gather for the emergency drill procedures is the least-favourite part of the vacation.

The technology-driven answer to that? E-muster drills are now a part of the new fabric in post-Covid cruising with the ability to complete the mandatory review through the cruise line app at your own convenience with minimal interruption to your valuable vacation time. Royal Caribbean debuted its Muster 2.0 technology, where guests can now complete the muster drill on their own time through its cruise line app or on their stateroom TV. Then they need to check in with a crew member on board to verify the completion process, which becomes a natural part of the ship exploration process on your embarkation day.

And on newer ships, guests will be able to use the app as a digital key to controlling their stateroom preferences inside the cabin. For example, you can adjust the stateroom temperature, lights, curtains and even the TV from the app easily and conveniently, thereby minimizing touchpoints in the cabins.

For families, the options aboard new and upgraded cruise ships to allow non-stop fun, Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruise Lines have some of the best cruise ships catered specifically for families and multi-generational travellers. The Odyssey of the Seas debuts in South Florida in November 2021 after her inaugural season in Israel, offering yet another fantastic ship to complement the Symphony of the Seas, the Harmony of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas and Royal Caribbean’s family-centric fleet.

MIAMI, FLORIDA – December 10, 2018: Outdoor fun, innovative shows and entertainment and children’s activities attract new cruisers every year.

Disney Cruise Line is debuting its own castle on the sea next summer, and booking for cruises aboard the Disney Wish begins May 2021.

The onboard experiences on many cruise ships become an important factor in the trip that the destinations may pale compared to the ship itself for many vacationers. Shorter cruises with private island experiences provide the perfect start to allow ideal vacation experiences while testing the waters in the new and improved world of cruising. A Perfect Day at Coco Cay, the private island waterpark included with Royal Caribbean Cruises offers both thrill and chill options to suit everyone. You can’t beat Daredevil’s Peak, the tallest waterslide in North America, for the most adventurous thrill-seeker in your family!

The restlessness to explore, leave the land and breathe in the air of the open water is driving the demand, and cruise lines satisfy the supply to accommodate. As 2022 is quickly turning into the year of travel, many cruises are filling up quickly and selling out in a short period of time. Book early to reserve your cruise for the best options and price.

Is the future of cruising dead? Far from it. The return to cruising has been a long road, and the demand has only intensified the longer we wait. Finally, however, after being landlocked and taking a beating from this virus, the industry is ready to return, welcoming eager cruisers who are anxiously anticipating that embarkation day once again.