Commander Chris Hadfield

Did you know that the reach of social media extends all the way to outer space? Commander Chris Hadfield of the Canadian Space Agency is currently on a mission living on board the International Space Station as Flight Engineer on Expedition 34, and will be the Commander of Expedition 35. He’s doing a lot of important work on the station, but he’s also doing something else. He’s Tweeting.


Cmdr. Hadfield has been tweeting several times a day, offering both his thoughts on the mission and pictures taken from his perch high above the Earth. He’s also been responding to Tweets from regular people back here on Earth. If you have a budding astronaut in your house, this is a fun and easy way to follow the mission and learn more about the International Space Station. You can follow Cmdr. Hadfield on his personal Twitter Page and learn more about his mission at the Canadian Space Agency website. You can also see his pictures on Facebook